Final Synthesis Report of the ORGAP Project

The aim of this final synthesis report (Deliverable 14) is not only to summarise the project results but to put them in a wider context. Therefore the report does not strictly follow the structure of the different workpackages but focuses more on the lessons learnt from the project. Chapter one describes the background and the objectives, structure and the outcome of the ORGAP Project. In chapter two a brief history about organic action plan development is given, in particular about the European as well as national organic action plan for organic food and farming. In chapter three the authors write about organic action plans – what we know and do not know. This includes success factors, stakeholder involvment, coherence and consistency issues and the how to evaluate organic action plans with ORGAPET. In chapter four the Golden Rules for organic action plans. The final chapter five consolidates the recommendations of the whole project arising from the various different work packages in one place. The editors hope that this final project synthesis report helps to initiate a process of evaluation and progressive development of Organic Action Plans at the European, national and regional level.

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European Action Plan Analysis

The aim of this report is to provide a first evaluation of the EU Organic Action Plan (OAP) and the Organic action plan evaluation toolbox (ORGAPET). This was be done in two steps:

  1. the first step does provide a policy analysis of the EU Organic Action Plan in order to identify the potential risks and problems associated to its implementation, and assess the quality of the main indicators from the ORGAP evaluation toolbox;
  2. the second step does develop strategies aimed at resolving the potential conflicts and exploiting the synergies in order to facilitate implementation of the EU OAP at national level.

These two aims were reflected in the methodological and results structure of this report. The first aim dealt with the identification of potential implementation problems, while the second one is addressed to analyse the EU Action Plan implementation. Furthermore the report contains a qualitative assessment of the system of indicators proposed with the Organic Action Plan Evaluation Toolbox (ORGAPET).

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Manual: Organic Action Plans. Development, implementation and evaluation and ORGAPET: The Organic Action Plan Evaluation Toolbox

As part of the EU funded ORGAP project (European Action Plan of Organic Food and Farming - Development of criteria and procedures for the evaluation of the EU Action Plan for Organic Agriculture) a toolbox to evaluate and monitor the implementation of national and European Action Plans was developed. In order to communicate the results of this project as widely as possible, a practical manual for initiating and evaluating Organic Action Plans has been produced. The manual was created to inspire the people, organisations and institutions involved, or with an interest in the organic food and farming sector to engage in the initiation, review, revision and renewal of regional, national and European Organic Action Plans.

ORGAP manual (2.3 MB) (.pdf, 2.3 MB)
ORGAP manuel en français (2.5 MB) (.pdf, 2.6 MB)
ORGAPET, the ORGAP evaluation toolbox  (28.1 MB)
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Implementing the European Organic Action Plan in EU member states - Stakeholders’ perceptions of implementation problems and coping strategies

This report on “Implementing the European Organic Action Plan in EU member states - stakeholders’ perceptions of implementation problems and coping strategies” recapitulates the results of a series of national workshops undertaken in winter/spring 2007. It brings together very different views and perceptions on organic action plans and possible evaluation methodologies and can be seen as ORGAP’s stakeholder oriented or public oriented step.

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Public synthesis report on the scope of national action plans, their evaluation procedures and the operability and appropriateness of the developed evaluation concept at national level, as well as the impact of conflict/synergies and policy proposals for

This final report comprises different views on the topic evaluation of organic action plans (“National Action Plan analysis”) prepared in the ORGAP project.

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Documentation about national Action Plans for Organic Food and Farming

The main aim of this report is to provide a structured documentation about the objectives,development processes and measures of eight national and regional Action Plans for Organic Food and Farming (Czech Republic, Andalusia (Spain), England, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia and Italy). Thus, the aim of this report is not to evaluate the action plans, but i) to facilitate the access to detailed action plan information and ii) to provide a condensed comparison of the action plans documented.

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